Definition of structure plan in English:

structure plan


  • A plan drawn up by a local planning authority for the use of a prescribed area of land.

    • ‘The structure plan relevant to this area was the South Hampshire Structure Plan 1988.’
    • ‘The structure plan comprises the Nottinghamshire Structure Plan Review approved in 1996, with a period to 2011.’
    • ‘There is nothing in the local plan or draft structure plan about housing on that land, but we have not taken a view yet.’
    • ‘The land has been earmarked as a reserve site for a major development area in the Hampshire structure plan.’
    • ‘Removal of the proposed development would represent a material change to the structure plan's proposals.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The Wiltshire structure plan will influence the policy on where future developments take place.’’
    • ‘This week they have warned that bidding for a bypass could take several years, despite one being proposed in the county structure plan.’
    • ‘Four major development areas were earmarked in the structure plan, which runs from 1996 until 2011.’
    • ‘The structure plan highlights a series of potential areas for wind farm developments known as Areas of Search for renewable energy.’
    • ‘Even the structure plan prepared by the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority does not find a mention in it.’
    • ‘The scheme has been adopted for the local council's structure plan.’
    • ‘The Local Plan had to be ‘in general conformity’ with the structure plan.’
    • ‘The strategic planning authority would have to show house-building rates were not meeting targets laid out in the county structure plan.’
    • ‘‘If they don't include a bypass in the structure plan then I can feel a protest coming on,’ he said.’
    • ‘I did write a structure plan for my essay, but that was it.’
    • ‘Alterations to the structure plan have yet to be prepared.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the draft structure plan can be given little weight.’
    • ‘There is no need for East Lothian to have to accept an additional 4,800 new houses under the new structure plan.’
    • ‘The structure plan also guides the development of houses, shops and employment areas in the county.’
    • ‘Local authorities have a statutory duty to consult widely on the preparation of a local or structure plan.’