Definition of strut one's stuff in English:

strut one's stuff


  • Dance or behave in a confident and expressive way.

    ‘tonight you'll be strutting your funky stuff on the dance floor’
    ‘next season he'll be strutting his stuff in Europe’
    • ‘In 1985, aged 20, she met her future husband while strutting her stuff on the dance floor and they were married four years later.’
    • ‘Elsewhere the Bratton School Dance Club strutted their stuff with Olympic and English numbers.’
    • ‘Rap music reigned in the background, and others were on the dance floor, strutting their stuff.’
    • ‘He looked the opposite way and witnessed groups of men and women at the dance stage, strutting their stuff.’
    • ‘And the Swindon-born marketing co-ordinator is now confident that she is one step closer to strutting her stuff on the catwalk.’
    • ‘Stuff yourself while live dancers strut their stuff to Brazillian rhythms.’
    • ‘It's a light-hearted beginning to the season, offering a chance for students to strut their stuff in a play that's pure fun.’
    • ‘Badminton takes centre-stage on Friday nights with children on court from 7.30 to 9pm and adults strutting their stuff between 9 and 11 pm.’
    • ‘They can be found strutting their stuff in the Community Centre on Monday nights at 8.30 pm.’
    • ‘The trendy teens won't be the only ones strutting their stuff on the streets of Ballina during the Shopping Festival.’