Definition of stucco in English:



mass noun
  • Fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or moulding into architectural decorations.

    ‘a shabby house covered in crumbling stucco’
    as modifier ‘rich stucco decoration’
    • ‘Domestic buildings in the Spanish colonial style are usually built of thick stone walls covered with stucco.’
    • ‘In addition to a softer color, color washing can accentuate the texture of your plaster or stucco walls.’
    • ‘Wall materials such as stucco, cement, brick, plaster, stone, and block are most resistant to high temperatures.’
    • ‘A new, weathered-looking stucco wall accented with an aged wood-and-iron gate hides the old fence.’
    • ‘The white stucco walls, dark floors, central entry courtyard, and tile roof are reminiscent of a traditional Mediterranean house.’
    • ‘Then follows the apportionment of textures, such as brick, stone, stucco, or rough plaster.’
    • ‘We used the hints of Monterey style shown in the exposed rafters, porch posts, and white stucco walls as cues for our design.’
    • ‘The off-white stucco walls and red shutters of Casa came into view, and a Mexican guard opened a red iron gate.’
    • ‘The stucco cornicing and ceiling mouldings have been carefully restored.’
    • ‘I wanted a Spanish-villa look overall - stucco walls with a 2-foot brick-like border on the bottom.’
    • ‘The Nasrid Palace is the Alhambra's crown jewel, with its elaborate stucco ceilings and geometric decorations.’
    • ‘Brick stringcourses decorated rough stucco walls, while semicircular lunettes arched over the main floor windows.’
    • ‘No doubt they have few heating and cooling problems behind those thick, insulating stone and stucco walls.’
    • ‘Presumably, stucco decoration was more resistant to steam than fresco.’
    • ‘Expansive windows on the piazza facade pull in natural light that sparkles off the waxed stucco on the inner wall.’
    • ‘The south elevation of Moon River House sports aluminum sun screens, smooth stucco walls, and cantilevered concrete terraces.’
    • ‘There will also be a range of activities such as mini-digs, designing and making stucco mouldings, and constructing a sundial.’
    • ‘To stabilize the wall further, fine white stucco was probably applied, which would have rendered the marble blocks invisible.’
    • ‘Cement stucco may last a building's lifetime if applied correctly.’
    • ‘Alexander was thrown into a small cell with brick stucco walls and a rusting grate that was unfortunately still solid.’
    plasterwork, stucco

verbstuccoes, stuccoing, stuccoed

[with object]usually as adjective stuccoed
  • Coat or decorate with stucco.

    ‘a stuccoed house’
    • ‘The planter is matched by a raised pool opposite, stuccoed to match the house.’
    • ‘The pink, stuccoed mansion was sold in 1916, after Angela drowned in the surf off Carmel Beach.’
    • ‘We're seeing a lot of frames that look like they've been stuccoed.’
    • ‘Rammed-earth walls may be left as is, or plastered or stuccoed to provide an additional measure of protection.’
    • ‘The ground floor, eccentrically dominated by a pharmacy with a bar, is a sophisticated, stuccoed & tiled Grand European Café of the C19th.’
    • ‘Lavender that looks stuccoed on, and might be thought of as sky, rests behind.’
    • ‘The Cave had irregular ceilings and walls, stuccoed and crafted to present one with the impression that one was actually in a cave.’
    • ‘When it came time to stucco the house, we used a product made from recycled newspaper that David imported from Hermosillo, Mexico.’
    • ‘The fireplace is part of a stuccoed retaining wall set into a hill at the rear of the property.’
    • ‘The stuccoed end facing the intersecting neighborhood street combines with feathery pennisetum grasses to soften the hard-edged look.’
    • ‘When it's hot, it is a good idea to keep the newly stuccoed area damp, at about 90 percent humidity for 48 to 72 hours.’
    • ‘The library is constructed of stuccoed masonry walls typical of local construction and has a clay-tile roof.’
    • ‘It covers homes, from the stuccoed terraces of Regent's Park, to housing estates.’
    • ‘At Prestonfield you watch peacocks strut around manicured lawns before retiring to amazing stuccoed rooms.’
    • ‘I watched the topography that I had grown to love fiercely become leveled, watered, and consumed by sterile stuccoed cubes.’
    • ‘I stroll inside the stuccoed main part of the restaurant, and all I hear on the speakers is a fading guitar chord.’
    • ‘Wandering through the expansive stuccoed interiors, it's not hard to see why.’
    • ‘Stopping before a kind of stuccoed portal with iron gates, Tin announced our arrival.’
    • ‘This month, however, a collection of her made-in-Montreal music memories will adorn the watering hole's stuccoed walls.’
    • ‘The stuccoed outside walls are painted cream; there is not a single piece of graffiti on those inviting blank walls.’


Late 16th century (as a noun): from Italian, of Germanic origin.