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stud book

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  • A book containing the pedigrees of horses.

    ‘He is from one of the most active families in the stud book.’
    • ‘‘Broad Brush has been an excellent stallion who has left an indelible mark on the stud book,’ said Gainesway President Antony Beck.’
    • ‘For a fee, it records the offspring of all AKC-registered parents in its stud book and provides them with official certificates of pedigree.’
    • ‘We will be keeping in contact with the body that runs the stud book for the conservation breeding programme.’
    • ‘The keeper of the Russian stud book was on holidays so it wasn't until this week that action could be taken.’
    • ‘The ICC is responsible for keeping the greyhound stud book and records of greyhounds bred in Ireland each year.’
    • ‘Legislation would be required to restrict entry to the stud book and this will not be forthcoming.’
    • ‘These animals were determined from the stud book records.’
    • ‘Bob, or to give him his stud book name of Dartdale Bobbie, is no ordinary pony.’
    • ‘In fact, the first American Pom was entered into the American Kennel Club's stud book in 1888.’
    • ‘By 1872 breeders were able to produce litters sufficiently to type to enable them to be registered in the German Kennel Club stud book.’
    • ‘The first poodle was registered in the American Kennel Club stud book in 1887.’
    • ‘The list of famous names in Tufnall's stud book is truly scandalous.’
    • ‘Aid is available for stud book development, bloodtyping / DNA testing and the genetic indexing project.’
    • ‘Actually, list members have been using both modern technology and the original APHA stud books to make their case.’
    • ‘The first Racing Calendar was introduced in 1773 and stud books and jockeys' colours followed.’


stud book

/ˈstəd ˌbo͝ok/ /ˈstəd ˌbʊk/