Definition of stud wall in English:

stud wall


  • An interior wall consisting of a frame of upright timbers to which laths and plasterboard are attached.

    ‘with the landlord's permission, we put up some stud walls to make separate bedrooms’
    • ‘A window meant for a punched opening in a masonry wall should not be used in a stud wall with sheathing.’
    • ‘You can use either a paneling adhesive or nails to attach panels to a stud wall.’
    • ‘I also decided to build a little stud wall to block off my chimney.’
    • ‘The room has double 2x4 stud walls for a wall thickness of 12 inches.’
    • ‘Berger built the fold-out desk in a shallow cavity created by erecting a stud wall in front of the existing exterior wall of his home.’
    • ‘One stud wall is about 4 inches from the cement wall.’
    • ‘A variation of this technique can be found in Lincolnshire where there are a number of houses with mud and stud walls.’
    • ‘Finishing a basement is a project that requires basic knowledge, especially if you're putting up stud walls.’
    • ‘Once the main gas valve is off, remove the supply line and put a plug fitting over the gas pipe which is inside the stud wall.’
    • ‘The cabin remains uninsulated, with exposed stud walls and wood heat.’