Definition of studdingsail in English:



  • (on a square-rigged sailing ship) an additional sail set at the end of a yard in light winds.

    ‘Her fore topmasts and yards, studdingsail booms and yards, jibbooms and entire mizzen masts were shot away.’
    • ‘This means that the reef can be shaken out, the royals and studdingsails can be set.’
    • ‘After they passed us by, we set the studdingsail again and continued on our way.’
    • ‘Excuse me while I go spread my studdingsails and wet the courses.’
    • ‘I persuade the Captain to rig and set the main and fore, upper and lower studdingsails.’





Mid 16th century studding perhaps from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch stōtinge ‘a thrusting’.