Definition of studio apartment in English:

studio apartment

(British studio flat)


  • An apartment containing one main room.

    • ‘The garage complex provides double parking, a shower room and a small studio apartment that would be ideally suited to older children.’
    • ‘At 500 square feet, they're no bigger than a typical studio apartment.’
    • ‘She supplied the chalk work for a rolling chalkboard wall that divided a studio apartment into sleeping and living areas.’
    • ‘Old Sauchie, only a few miles west of Stirling, was originally designed as a stables in the 19th century, but now has been converted into five houses and a studio apartment.’
    • ‘The living room was as large as the studio apartment, its slightly vaulted ceiling making feel very tall and grand.’
    • ‘Budgets were tight on the flats and that is reflected in the prices, which range from £150,000 for a studio apartment to £499,950 for a three-bedroom penthouse, with live-work spaces also available.’
    • ‘Still, £4.5m is quite a lot for something its owners describe as ‘a one-bedroom studio apartment, with a guest room.’’
    • ‘Outside there is a self-contained studio apartment, south-facing garden, pond, large garage and small greenhouse.’
    • ‘If you are prepared to look it is possible to pick up a nice studio apartment in a rural country town for under €50,000.’
    • ‘His studio apartment costs $375 a month, which is about 30 percent of his income from a full-time job at the downtown Barnes & Noble.’
    • ‘Three weeks after hitting town, I landed a job shilling at the Pioneer Club and now I was moving into a studio apartment in the sticks with another shill from work named Diane.’
    • ‘I looked around the decrepit studio apartment, almost barren except for an open treasure chest full of medical journals I think he was using as pornography.’
    • ‘Antique chests and fountains, elaborately spidery chandeliers to hang from a tree branch, and mossy stone urns the size of a studio apartment crowd the huge shop.’
    • ‘I awoke just before 7 a.m. in my studio apartment at 47th Street and Drexel Boulevard and flipped on the radio next to my bed.’
    • ‘My studio apartment and utilities cost half my salary.’
    • ‘A studio apartment, with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a spacious living room with a wall of just windows, leading out to a small balcony.’
    • ‘The Vatican said yesterday that the Pope had died of septic shock and cardio-circulatory collapse on Saturday in his studio apartment in St Peter's Square.’
    • ‘None of them return your calls and the last time you hung out with them, they made fun of your job, your Today's Man suit, and your studio apartment.’
    • ‘If I didn't have a kid, I could quit my job, move into a studio apartment somewhere, get a slacker job, and be just fine.’
    • ‘The man rushed from drawer to drawer in the bedroom of his studio apartment, carelessly grabbing pieces of clothing.’