Definition of studly in English:


adjectivestudlier, studliest

  • (of a man) sexually attractive in a strongly masculine way.

    ‘a coterie of studly factory workers’
    • ‘However, it turns out the sixteen studly men had no idea that the lovelorn woman has no idea that they are not hot off the cover of that man's magazine.’
    • ‘You still have your three studly lads to think and dream about.’
    • ‘He thought he was so studly that no one would ever turn him down.’
    • ‘On occasion, Will and Vaughn can get away with it as they're young, studly dudes.’
    • ‘The studly young American daytime-soap actor who plays the 17-year-old gardener/toy boy/sex slave in the must-see TV event of the year.’
    • ‘With his high voice and studly physique, he was all male, yet whimperingly feminine.’
    • ‘Rudolf, whose promise seemed initially to reside entirely in his handsome face and studly frame, turns out to be a suitable replacement for his predecessor in more ways than one.’
    • ‘Raf is a young, studly, good looking, smooth talking, confident, worldly European guy.’
    • ‘I was cheating on my high school boyfriend with a studly college lover.’
    • ‘The girls' relationship is established early on as we see Elena kissing her studly Italian boyfriend while sis stares from across a table miserably gorging on a sundae.’
    • ‘They are suckers for studly male stars who turn director.’
    • ‘This studly Ethiopian emigrated to Montreal via Italy.’
    • ‘Fortunately the studly and resourceful Dan lined up a model for us.’
    • ‘I admit to a liking for this episode since our favorite crusty Southern doctor gets the babe instead of his studly Captain and plays a more prominent role than usual in solving the episode's mystery.’
    • ‘He's recovering from a bout of testicular cancer, an illness that does not conform to his studly, high-powered-attorney lifestyle.’
    • ‘That's when one of the racers, a studly blond 24-year-old, wheels by, looks at the tire, and then looks back at me.’
    • ‘Sullivan is role-playing on the Web - a studly, porno-guy kind of role.’
    • ‘Young girls are almost duty-bound to swoon over Yume's studly instructor.’
    • ‘Maura's ex - boyfriend, the studly star of the soccer team who turned out to be abusive, was now her stalker.’
    • ‘Besides, the only thing studly about Rick is the rivets on his Levi's!’
    good-looking, attractive, nice-looking, handsome, lovely, beautiful, pretty, as pretty as a picture, stunning, striking, arresting, prepossessing, winning, fetching, captivating, bewitching, beguiling, engaging, charming, charismatic, enchanting, appealing, delightful, irresistible


1960s from stud.