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study hall

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  • 1North American The period of time in a school curriculum set aside for study and the preparation of schoolwork.

    ‘we were together only in study hall and at lunchtime’
    • ‘My day couldn't have been better until Sean came up to me during 6th period study hall, the last class of the day.’
    • ‘During last period Veruca and Caleb were sitting in study hall talking.’
    • ‘I just had to find a way of hiding it from my teachers to make them think I was studying in study hall.’
    • ‘Others worked before school or during study hall.’
    • ‘At first high school study hall only gave me an hour to do as I pleased, providing I was silent, but then I discovered the storage room at the back of the library.’
    • ‘How much time did you waste in high school in a holding pen like study hall or waiting through classes that took an hour to cover something you could get in five minutes?’
    • ‘You had to hand it to Jane, she never let homeroom / study hall get boring.’
    • ‘When I saw you go out of the back doors of the school, during study hall, I asked for a bathroom pass and followed you.’
    • ‘I mean, shouldn't you be in study hall over at Madison Middle school or something?’
    • ‘She walked down the hall during her study hall because she was bored.’
    • ‘So I found him afterwards and I asked him what he was talking about, and he says his older brother got in trouble last year for eating in study hall.’
    • ‘We all were waiting for the final school bell to ring, freeing us all from this horrible prison chamber that is also referred to us as our study hall.’
    • ‘By the end of study hall she had finished the picture she started during homeroom.’
    • ‘There in the medical study hall, Miri voraciously consumed the works of Hippocrates and Dioscorides and many others.’
    • ‘It was study hall, some abnormally cold day in April where some threat of snow still clung to the weather forecast, and the last period of the proper school day.’
    1. 1.1A schoolroom used for study.
      ‘Then we follow him to a classroom, to the dining hall, the playroom, study hall, the chapel, his room and finally the infirmary, where Stephen goes after he wakes up sick one morning.’
      • ‘So instead of sitting in study hall like I was supposed to, I took a hall pass and left in search of something to do.’
      • ‘My only time to talk freely in school besides study hall.’
      • ‘After school, there is study hall and another two-hour practice.’
      • ‘Jenny and I strolled down the corridor towards our study hall.’
      • ‘In a rush of wind, Laura ran down the hallway and into study hall.’
      • ‘He shrugs it off and turns to walk to the room where we have study hall.’
      • ‘I smiled in spite of myself until I heard someone down in the commons for study hall.’
      • ‘The basement was where the driver's Ed rooms, complete with simulators and study hall was located, along with the school book store.’
      • ‘I didn't feel like spending a fourth of my last school year in a study hall.’
      • ‘When Kendra finally caught up with her, she was in study hall, Kendra ran into the room and sat down beside her.’
      • ‘The program assigns students certain culturally based classes, connects them to professors, requires mandatory study hall and houses them closely with peers in freshman dorms.’
      • ‘For my second study hall of the day I had Mrs. Cain in room 314.’
      • ‘‘Harley, I didn't know you had study hall now,’ Sunny said curiously.’
      • ‘We walked out of the study hall and down 3 halls into the main office.’
      • ‘In fact most of the kids had left either to go to the high school library or some other class, so the study hall itself was drained of most of its occupants.’
      • ‘She said prior to the Christmas exams, the campus canteen had to double as a study hall, such was the shortage of space.’
      • ‘Every day after five hours training, the girl is so tired, and cannot help falling asleep at night in the study hall.’
      • ‘They were also aggrieved that their canteen had to double up as a study hall for the Christmas exams.’
      • ‘Juliet ran to the study hall across the courtyard and took a seat near the back, by the windows.’


study hall

/ˈstədē ˌhôl/ /ˈstədi ˌhɔl/