Definition of stuff-up in English:



Australian, New Zealand informal
  • A situation that has been managed badly.

    ‘most opening ceremonies feature at least one stuff-up’
    ‘it was a total PR stuff-up’
    • ‘$30 is a decent sum for a stuff-up which the company might well have been able to walk away from.’
    • ‘The judge's incredible stuff-up was appearing to be (or actually being) biased against the defendant.’
    • ‘A bureaucratic stuff-up may end up costing the New Zealand Software Association.’
    • ‘But the Opposition has blasted the Government's handling of the situation, describing it as a "stuff-up of the largest proportions".’
    • ‘A subscriber who used to work in television spotted a massive Channel Seven stuff-up at about 11.30am.’
    • ‘As of today, the reality is that everyone who's made a stuff-up is going to be made accountable.’
    • ‘When the break finished, there was no mention of the stuff-up, an apology or a repeat of the tribute package (or even the missing part).’
    • ‘When a single company is entrusted with such large amounts of highly sensitive data, a single stuff-up is obviously going to affect a far greater number of people at once.’
    • ‘That old line of many commentators that one problem is bad luck, two coincidence and three a stuff-up come to mind now when looking at the company's recent history.’