Definition of stuff sack in English:

stuff sack


  • A bag into which a sleeping bag, clothing, etc. can be packed.

    • ‘Even quite a young child can lay out their sleeping pad, pull their sleeping bag out of a stuff sack, and arrange their ‘bed’ for the night.’
    • ‘I'd apparently left my stuff sack of extra clothes in the car - gone were my long pants, fleece vest, extra socks, and my baseball cap.’
    • ‘They come in a small bag or stuff sack about the size of a loaf of bread, which fits easily into a backpack.’
    • ‘We have his next resupply, plus some requested items such as a fresh sleeping pad and replacement stuff sacks.’
    • ‘I realized it has a dedicated compartment for skins, and another for gewgaws, so I was able to eliminate a couple of stuff sacks and thus a few ounces from my load.’
    • ‘Scattered around were a few empty stuff sacks, a single brand-new hiking boot and a bow saw, together with various other items.’