Definition of stuff up (or stuff something up) in English:

stuff up (or stuff something up)

phrasal verb

Australian, New Zealand informal
  • Handle a situation badly.

    ‘stupid people always blame others for their mistakes, rather than admitting they stuffed up’
    ‘she stuffed up just about everything she got involved in’
    • ‘The media's on to me - you've really stuffed up this time.’
    • ‘They were running out of chances with the gauntlets, they couldn't afford to stuff up again.’
    • ‘Just one instance is enough to stuff up any pretence of formal equality, or democratic rights.’
    • ‘The media is desperate for content and acting ministers are prone to stuff up.’
    • ‘It would require some determination to stuff up a server configuration quite that badly.’
    • ‘It would be appallingly bad management if we were to stuff up those advantages.’
    • ‘It leaves you wondering why we're so keen to stuff up this planet.’
    • ‘"I stuffed up there," she conceded.’
    • ‘Even the developers admitted they stuffed up.’
    • ‘Bottom line, the little guys always pay regardless of who stuffed it up.’
    • ‘He should have started a new thread, but he's not the sharpest Redditor in the drawer, so he's stuffed it up.’
    • ‘How could he have stuffed it up so badly?’