Definition of Stuka in English:



  • A type of German military aircraft (the Junkers Ju 87) designed for dive-bombing, much used in the Second World War.

    • ‘As the El Alamein battle began in earnest, enemy aerial activities took an upswing and it was not unusual for the P - 40s to run into formations of Junkers Ju 87 Stukas and Italian Fiats.’
    • ‘Suddenly it hove back into view, coming straight at us, diving madly like a German Stuka on a bombing run.’
    • ‘The German infantry feared the P - 47 as much as the Allies feared the Stuka dive bomber earlier in the war.’
    • ‘Placed at forward fields in France, the Stukas surely attracted the attentions of RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes.’
    • ‘They wanted a fighter that could catch and destroy the dread Stuka, even when the bomber was in its infamous dive.’
    • ‘The Junkers Ju - 87 Stuka is the iconic aircraft of the Luftwaffe and as such it tends to hog the spotlight from most of Germany's other close air support aircraft.’
    • ‘Just 2 days later the Hurricanes from Tangmere destroyed an attack by Stukas on another air base.’
    • ‘There were also four single women, which meant all of the males circled around them like Stukas doing dive bombings on targets of opportunity.’
    • ‘In a war rife with artillery and aircraft carriers, started by Stukas and ending with the blazing flash and mushroom cloud of the atomic bomb what possible role could a handgun have played’
    • ‘On June 29, 1941 while doing the ‘Tobruk ferry run’ she was bombed by Stukas off Sollum.’
    • ‘At the same time we are full of confidence… suddenly we notice that the enemy artillery no longer shoots… while the last squadron of Stukas is still attacking, we receive our marching orders.’
    • ‘The first mission of the Stalingrad set has you crossing the Volga towards the ruined city while being strafed by Stuka dive bombers.’
    • ‘Slowly drifting Zeppelins gave the commanders perfect intelligence of the carnage below, directing Stukas to deliver pinpoint strikes so close to their own lines that the soldiers could read the serial numbers of the dropping bombs.’
    • ‘For eight days they ploughed on through waves and walls of bombs and torpedoes, through unending swarms of screaming Stukas and U-boats.’
    • ‘The sound of a riced-out Civic is as nothing when compared to the blood-curdling shriek of a diving Stuka's nose siren.’
    • ‘I dropped the left wing and saw a Stuka making a bee-line for the base.’
    • ‘The Junkers 87 - B Stuka was a vital part of the German Blitzkrieg that led to the fall of France in 1940.’
    • ‘Once a strategic target had been selected, Stuka dive bombers were sent in to ‘soften’ up the enemy, destroy all rail lines, communication centres and major rail links.’
    • ‘He served in the Luftwaffe on the eastern front during the war, probably flying in Stuka dive bombers, says Gollin, and was invalided out of service in 1944.’


Contraction of German Sturzkampfflugzeug ‘dive-bomber’.



/ˈstuːkə/ /ˈʃtuːkə/