Definition of stumblebum in English:



informal North American
  • A clumsy or inept person.

    • ‘But the real stumblebums are the guys who make a career of losing.’
    • ‘Or Gerald Ford, probably the most athletic president in this century, getting a reputation as a stumblebum.’
    • ‘They're stumblebums when it comes to managing things.’
    • ‘He's just passing through, really - he's almost a stumblebum.’
    • ‘Early in the round, Foreman drops him again, Frazier jumps up again, but he's being beaten so badly he looks like a stumblebum.’
    • ‘On one hand, he invites us to laugh at a group of hopeless stumblebums tyrannised by their supposedly defenceless victim.’
    lout, boor, barbarian, Neanderthal, churl, clown, gawk, hulk, bumpkin, yokel