Definition of stumper in English:



informal mainly North American
  • A puzzling question.

    • ‘Although the idea for the Lachine Canal dates back to the earliest days of the ancien régime in New France, getting the project going was a real stumper.’
    • ‘Here's a stumper - if a graffiti artist takes can to canvas, not train car, and hangs it in a gallery, is it still graffiti?’
    • ‘To this question, I quickly replied the first thing that came to my head - the age-old stumper, ‘Can God create a rock he cannot lift?’’
    • ‘Sometimes crime investigation is so difficult, like the real stumper for Fort Worth, Texas, detectives.’
    • ‘The only stumper: Would you rather be rich and ugly or good-looking and poor?’
    • ‘Giles was the more effective spinner but he wasn't exactly aided by his stumper.’
    • ‘After last week's stumper, we'll end the round on an easy one.’
    puzzle, conundrum, brain-teaser, Chinese puzzle, problem, unsolved problem, question, poser, enigma, mystery, quandary, paradox