Definition of stupa in English:



  • A dome-shaped structure erected as a Buddhist shrine.

    ‘Drawing closer, you could see the clutter of centuries of Buddhist veneration: stupas, Buddha images and incense-blackened shrines.’
    • ‘At first, the Kushans attacked Buddhism but eventually they became great patrons, building many monasteries and stupas.’
    • ‘Aihole is one of those remarkable sites that span time and has evidence of dolmens, Buddhist chaityas and stupas, Jain and Hindu temples.’
    • ‘It was at the foot of the Dhauli stupa, the Japanese Buddhist Temple which is situated on a hill on the outskirts of modern Bhubaneswar.’
    • ‘Nearby is the stupa erected by the disciples of Mangong in memory of their master.’
    • ‘It contains the famous Shwezigon pagoda that also is based on the great stupa at Sanchi.’
    • ‘Alexander Cunningham along with Captain F.C.Maisey discovered this location that contained some important Buddhist stupas and monasteries.’
    • ‘Her painting depicts a Buddhist stupa encircled in chains, suggesting peace in trouble.’
    • ‘Then at the same time the Tathagata dwelt together with bodhisattvas and others in the great stupa, in the mandala of the sphere of phenomena.’
    • ‘Remnants of teaching monasteries, stupas, temples and shrines present a haunting spectacle of lost grandeur and of a vanished civilisation - that of Buddhism in India.’
    • ‘Larger villages may have a community temple, a community mill, and religious monuments called stupas and chorten.’
    • ‘It's a constant visual smorgasbord of stupas, of prayer-wheels, of prayer-flags and chortens.’
    • ‘The famous Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka, later erected a stupa to honour Sariputra's memory.’
    • ‘It seems in the 9th century there was a Buddhist monastery in the spot where the Santi stupa, built in 1972 by the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha, is now situated.’
    • ‘Inside stands a funeral stupa erected by none other than ‘His Excellency Ieng Sary’ for himself and his family.’
    • ‘At the higher levels these spirits overlap strongly with Buddhism and are embodied in stupas and temples.’
    • ‘Holy words, written in stone, fill marble slabs housed in 729 stupas at the Kuthodaw Pagoda.’
    • ‘We then went to the ruins of the Buddhist temple, Dharma Rajika stupa, said to be the most ancient in Pakistan.’
    • ‘This is why you cannot find a single trace of Buddhist structures today in India, save for a few stupas, which were too cumbersome to be destroyed.’
    • ‘Pagodas, for one example, are stylized step-pyramidal forms, while stupas and many Hindu temples (particularly those in Tamil regions) are articulated cone- and mound- forms.’
    holy place, temple, church, chapel, tabernacle, altar, sanctuary, sanctum



/ˈsto͞opə/ /ˈstupə/


From Sanskrit stūpa.