Definition of stupendously in English:



See stupendous

as submodifier ‘a stupendously talented player’
  • ‘We have two buildings by that architect here in town; one is a rip-off of an old Roman temple in France - er, Gaul - and the other is a stupendously bad monolith on Washington Avenue.’
  • ‘Here's a trade secret that could get this column suspended from journalism's equivalent of the Magic Circle: there is a way to be stupendously well informed without reading absolutely everything.’
  • ‘Myself, I'm mostly haunted by retrospectively realising that what made perfect sense at the time was actually stupendously wrong and/or offensive and/or thoughtless.’
  • ‘But while that triangular confrontation was stupendously dramatic, the ex-president left with a token fine which was quashed on appeal.’
  • ‘So it turns out this was not so much ‘difficult’ as stupendously easy.’