Definition of stupidly in English:



  • 1In a way that lacks intelligence or common sense.

    ‘I admit that I have acted stupidly’
    ‘we'd stupidly forgotten to book a cab’
    • ‘He behaves, like most teenagers, quite stupidly.’
    • ‘I remember it was on telly 10 years ago, but I stupidly taped over it.’
    • ‘They spend their lives digging up evidence against corporations because some consumers stupidly misused their products.’
    • ‘They can snap up great investments at bargain prices because the rest of us are stupidly following the crowd.’
    • ‘I stupidly announced to my friends that I was writing a novel.’
    1. 1.1In a dazed manner suggesting the inability to think clearly.
      ‘I gazed stupidly at him’
      ‘his eyes were vacant and he smiled stupidly’
      • ‘We're forced to spend time with them as they stumble stupidly and chat inanely.’
      • ‘I stood there looking stupidly at the writing while the water rose to my waist.’
      • ‘She stood stupidly staring at the faces around her.’
      • ‘Tina could only gape stupidly as she was carried out of the door.’
      • ‘I stand stupidly at the door and stare at the chaos.’
    2. 1.2as submodifier So as to cause surprise or disbelief; ridiculously.
      ‘one of the most stupidly danceable albums of the year’
      ‘stupidly expensive drinks’
      • ‘The film's storyline was predictable—stupidly at times.’
      • ‘A case in point is the stupidly obvious retooling of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."’
      • ‘They were part of his stable of stupidly successful pop acts.’
      • ‘The music was stupidly clever.’
      • ‘I am always stupidly busy, but I love working creatively and stretching myself to the limit.’