Definition of stupidness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈst(y)o͞opidnəs/ /ˈst(j)upɪdnəs/


West Indian
  • Foolish or nonsensical talk or behavior.

    ‘girl, what stupidness are you talking?’
    • ‘Mayers said, ‘I am not advocating a return to exchange controls but surely we have to stop lending money for stupidness like the importation of fireworks.’’
    • ‘Try saving the ‘no balls’ bowling before saying such stupidness.’
    • ‘Children today doing too much stupidness, he argued.’
    • ‘You had to quickly say sorry or it was likely to explode into some sort of stupidness as if you did it on purpose.’
    • ‘The ratings are just a bunch of stupidness and don't really indicate how good any team is!’