Definition of sturdily in English:



See sturdy

  • ‘His grandfather, who was Liberal MP for the county, finally took the roof off in the early 1950s, and the family is now confined to the more modest - and sturdily constructed - servants' quarters.’
  • ‘When you see the state of the roads, you understand that only very sturdily built vehicles can withstand the potholes and obstacles.’
  • ‘A handsome, long-haired, sturdily built dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is jet black in colour, with rich russet markings on his legs, cheeks, spots over each eye, and on either side of the snowy white chest markings.’
  • ‘It's sturdily bound and the off-white (sort of mauve) paper produces an interesting effect that suggests that this is an ageless book produced by a true lover of the royal game.’
  • ‘The airframe was very sturdily built, a construction technique that was to become a Bell trademark, and this toughness stood the fighter in good stead when it entered the deadly arena of aerial combat.’