Definition of stylet in English:



  • 1Medicine
    A slender probe.

    1. 1.1A wire or piece of plastic run through a catheter or cannula in order to stiffen it or to clear it.
      ‘I can still clean the blood from an infusion needle with a wire stylet, sharpen it on an Arkansas stone, check for barbs using a cotton ball, and re-sterilize it.’
      • ‘If the patient demonstrates an anal bellows or great toe flexion, this confirms the location of S3, and the surgeon removes the stylet of the foramen needle.’
      • ‘After insertion of the needle into the lymph node, the stylet was removed.’
      • ‘Remove stylet and confirm placement by aspirating back marrow.’
      • ‘A hematoxylin-eosin-stained slide, with the area of interest marked, was placed over the donor block, and the area of interest was aligned with the stylet.’
  • 2Zoology
    (in an invertebrate) a small style, especially a piercing mouthpart of an insect.

    ‘PPV is transmitted by aphids - small, teardrop-shaped insects with a sharp mouthpart called a stylet for sucking out plant sap.’
    • ‘Mites damage ferns by puncturing the edges of fern fronds with their tube-like stylets and other mouthparts, sucking up the nutritious contents of frond cells.’
    • ‘The salivary glands, stylets, and sucking pharynx are known as the buccal apparatus.’
    • ‘In other softbodied worms, sclerotized structures, such as copulatory stylets, provide important characters that can be seen in whole mounts, but acoels generally lack such features.’
    • ‘They are equipped with two or three rings of cuticular hooks and terminal stylets with which they are able to penetrate soft epithelia of their hosts.’



/ˈstīlət/ /ˈstaɪlət/


Late 17th century from French stilet, from Italian stiletto (see stiletto).