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  • 1Fashionably elegant and sophisticated.

    ‘you don't have to be a designer to create a stylish look in your own small room’
    • ‘a stylish cocktail bar’
    • ‘a stylish range of jewelry’
    • ‘One science teacher tried to convince me that his suit was stylish and expensive.’
    • ‘There is something for all levels of knitters, and some very stylish designs.’
    • ‘We choose Vrinda and Sylvie because they are different, contemporary and stylish.’
    • ‘Davidson wants stylish activewear carefully designed for women's bodies.’
    • ‘The French and Italians spend small fortunes on these added extras, and always look smart and stylish as a result.’
    • ‘The Bengal's interior is a wonderful surprise, contemporary and very stylish.’
    • ‘The bar is stylish, modern but surprisingly in keeping with the ambience.’
    • ‘The matching ring with a single chestnut-cut stone is the ultimate in stylish chic.’
    • ‘Plenty of grip action on the sole section ensures that safety comes first with these snazzy, stylish shoes.’
    • ‘To do that, wear clothes that make you look smart, stylish and friendly but not formal.’
    • ‘Once in a while the right dress, fancy footwear and a stylish hairdo takes care of that.’
    • ‘Children were challenged to design a stylish outfit able to withstand the British weather.’
    • ‘That may well be Mr Jackson himself sitting in the car in peaked cap and greatcoat next to the elegant lady in fur collar and stylish hat.’
    • ‘At Kakatei, each food is contained in a stylish bowl and the presentation is elegant too.’
    • ‘It's slimming and comfortable and stylish and is the perfect complement to either a smart or casual outfit.’
    • ‘Both have a good selection of tailored/smart pieces that are inexpensive but stylish.’
    • ‘A good girl can wear what she likes, provided it is stylish, demure, a decent length and a smart cut.’
    • ‘It's perfect hair for now - it looks stylish even though it isn't a particular style.’
    • ‘The black, leather suit she wore was more out of habit than style, though it certainly was stylish.’
    • ‘Those who stand out for style in the high street are not always the most stylish.’
    fashionable, modish, voguish, modern, ultra-modern, contemporary, up to date, up to the minute, trendsetting
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    1. 1.1Neat, confident, and skillful.
      ‘he put his heart and soul into a stylish performance’
      • ‘From the kick-off both teams put on a display of stylish, exquisite rugby.’
      • ‘There was more of the same in the third set as the Belgian displayed some stylish tennis to race into the lead.’
      • ‘Sutton United moved into the top five of the Ryman League with another stylish performance on Saturday.’
      • ‘A man of great style and charisma he put his heart and soul into a stylish performance.’
      • ‘Despite losing some of its momentum in the reprise, this was a stylish performance.’
      • ‘That update of a stylish 60s cult show lacked the, well, style and cultishness of the original.’
      • ‘Composer and concert performer Richard Dubugnon's work is spiky, stylish and short.’
      • ‘Its stylish reading room was one of the earliest works completed by the architecture firm of De Blacam and Meagher.’
      • ‘Musically, too, it proves deeply rewarding under Yves Abel's stylish Mozartian baton.’
      • ‘Observers were impressed by his stylish outpointing of Baz Carey, and he compiled six successive wins.’
      • ‘If she intended to be racist then she missed the chance to use this punchier, but less than stylish, abbreviation.’
      • ‘Hip, stylish German film has little to tell but offers a lot of exciting cinematic exercises.’
      • ‘That is the kind of attitude that makes Scotland very stylish indeed.’
      • ‘Cheered but still sober, we head for the Monkey Bar, a more stylish and youthful venue in a Bath Street basement.’
      • ‘Nolan is surely among the most talented, stylish and most creative film-makers of our times.’
      • ‘This is a stylish and vivid piece of baroque operatic theatre, compellingly updated.’
      • ‘Altman has teamed up with stylish US pay-per-view station HBO to get his flick made.’
      • ‘The stylish cinematography shows New York at its most vibrant and sexy.’
      • ‘Chambers did so in memorable fashion, looking the most stylish runner in all the early rounds.’
      • ‘Told partly in flashback, this stylish thriller is a cool crime flick that keeps you guessing until the end.’



/ˈstīliSH/ /ˈstaɪlɪʃ/