Definition of stylolite in English:



  • 1Geology
    An irregular surface or seam within a limestone or other sedimentary rock, characterized by irregular interlocking pegs and sockets around 1 cm in depth and a concentration of insoluble minerals.

    ‘This produces sutured interpenetrative contacts between grains, and these may form thin extensive sheets of concentrations of insoluble material called stylolite seams.’
    1. 1.1A grooved peg forming part of a stylolite.
      • ‘It cuts indiscriminately through the rock fabric, across grains, cement, and matrix; it may truncate fossils, ooliths, veins, and other stylolites.’
      • ‘Folds, cleavages, tension gashes and stylolites were also taken into account.’
      • ‘Owing to diagenetic effects, the vertical burrow parts commonly are compacted and may bear stylolites, whereas the inner parts of the tunnels especially are affected by sponge-like growth of celestine crystals.’
      • ‘Owing to compactional processes, the more vertical burrow parts may be stacked into each other and commonly are affected by stylolites.’


Mid 19th century from Greek stulos ‘column’ + -lite.