Definition of stylophone in English:



trademark in US
  • A miniature electronic musical instrument producing a distinctive buzzing sound when a stylus is drawn along its metal keyboard.

    • ‘Lashing whips, hollow gunshots, meaningless choruses, whistling, echoing pipes, tubular bells and stylophones are all tipped into the collage.’
    • ‘Crackly vinyl sounds on laid-back guitar and stylophone close this album off with a warm smile and handshake, on the beautiful, beautiful ‘Last Walk Around Mirror Lake’.’
    • ‘On one such visit to London, we chanced upon a stylophone.’
    • ‘I mean, I've grown up with Rolf on television, singing songs, painting pictures, hosting cartoon time, playing his didgeridoo and his stylophone.’
    • ‘The only clue the police have to his identity is the fact that he appears to be a virtuoso stylophone player and only seems to be truly at ease when playing the magical instrument.’