Definition of styptic in English:



  • (of a substance) capable of causing bleeding to stop when it is applied to a wound.

    • ‘I did dog rescue work for 13 years and one of the vets we use suggested that when we trim the dogs nails that we trim them just a bit shorter than you are supposed to and apply styptic powder.’
    • ‘In the event that too ambitious trimming results in bleeding, styptic powder should be applied to the wounded nail.’
    • ‘Her set ended abruptly when she sang her last lyric and stomped offstage, knocking over her microphone with the neck of her guitar in a final, styptic clang.’
    • ‘Most people keep some styptic powder (available at pet stores) on hand to cauterize the bleeding if necessary.’
    • ‘Have some styptic powder handy to apply to the nail if you cut the quick and it begins to bleed.’
    • ‘If you're tired of bleeding from shaving, try this unique styptic gel formula from Proraso.’
    constricting, contracting, constrictive, constringent, styptic


  • A styptic substance.

    ‘Upon finding the styptic and bandage, Sautrem concluded the minor operation on his right shoulder.’
    ‘She used disinfectant first, then styptic to help stop the bleeding, and then she applied bandages.’


Late Middle English via Latin from Greek stuptikos, from stuphein ‘to contract’.