Definition of sub-basement in English:



  • A storey below a basement.

    • ‘Basically, it outlined that there was a sub-basement far below where they had been that was the actual control center.’
    • ‘Somehow, he had wandered into the lower part of the James mansion, the sub-basement.’
    • ‘The finance department will move into the sub-basement of Needles Hall, where co-op used to be.’
    • ‘He owns the entire building, including the basement and sub-basement, and the stores that occupy the ground level rent space from the school.’
    • ‘They burrowed 3 stories down into the earth and begin building sub-basements.’
    • ‘The building covers some 850,000 square feet, with three retail and 12 office floors and two sub-basements.’
    • ‘The elevator stopped at the last of the sub-basements.’
    • ‘Our search leads us through the two gutted sub-basements, the abandoned fourth story and finally the roof.’
    • ‘Then, if it wasn't too late and he felt like it, maybe he'd work on that special project in the sub-basement.’
    • ‘Then he made himself a snack of three packs of cold cuts, a loaf of bread, half a kilo of jalapeno-jack cheese, and two liters of milk, before heading down to the sub-basement for some tactical exercises.’
    • ‘In the sub-basement, surrounded by several meters of reinforced concrete, is the control center for the Northeast Protectorate Zone.’
    • ‘The secret passageways that twirl like DNA through the building all culminate in a room in the sub-basement I call The Bunker.’
    • ‘That's okay, neither did Nintendo until a janitor cleaning a locked closet on the third sub-basement of their offices in Tokyo discovered a stack of these games.’
    • ‘When he arrived, he went straight to the sub-basement, and looked around the large room, thinking about the various items he would likely need.’
    • ‘In the smoky darkness, a rotten floor gave way, and Kruger, 54, fell into a stone sub-basement filled with eight feet of water.’
    • ‘A new sub-basement, having bored-pile walls along three sides, is to be excavated and formed below the existing basement level.’
    • ‘He spent the hours after supper working in his sub-basement, and retired shortly after midnight.’
    • ‘Then he scored a couple of protein drinks and headed for the sub-basement.’
    • ‘What was stored in the sub-basement was, in a way, what had been discarded as being unimportant.’
    • ‘The castle also has a chapel and billiard room, while a basement and sub-basement have been dug into the rock behind the house.’