Definition of sub judice in English:

sub judice

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  • Under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.

    ‘the cases were still sub judice’
    • ‘The next day the Widgery Tribunal was announced, making meaningful reporting on what had happened sub judice.’
    • ‘The legal term sub judice means a particular case is currently under trial, or being considered by a judge.’
    • ‘Responsible discussion on public issues even if they are sub judice should be allowed in a democratic society.’
    • ‘A case which has been decided by a court, but is still open to appeal, is not considered sub judice until notice of appeal has been given.’
    • ‘These analysts, the judge observed, always choose a wrong timing and usually comment on matters which were sub judice before the court.’


sub judice

/ˌsəb ˈjo͞odəˌsē/ /ˌsəb ˈdʒudəˌsi/


Latin, literally ‘under a judge’.