Definition of subaerially in English:




See subaerial

  • ‘The long time during which the continental interiors had been subaerially weathered and lowered by erosion was succeeded by one of progressive flooding and coverage by shallow seas.’
  • ‘Some external black glass is noted where the tubes may have been exposed subaerially during formation, but no exogenic specimens were noted.’
  • ‘The volcanic pile built up above sea level so that lavas began to be erupted subaerially.’
  • ‘It is thus apparent that the upper oolitic shoals were temporarily subaerially exposed, receiving meteoric water and probably allowing the formation of a lens of fresh water in the subsurface.’
  • ‘The Mikis Formation consists of 380-500 m of compound lava flows, typically pahoehoe-type with ropy surfaces and oxidized flow tops, indicating that they were erupted subaerially.’