Definition of subantarctic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsəbənˈtärktik/ /ˌsəbənˈtɑrktɪk/


  • Relating to the region immediately north of the Antarctic Circle.

    ‘Antarctica or the subantarctic islands’
    • ‘Kelp Gulls are widely distributed in the Southern Hemisphere, breeding in South America, southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, subantarctic islands, and Antarctic Peninsula.’
    • ‘As big as a goose and with a six-foot wingspan, the southern giant petrel nests throughout the Antarctic continent (as well as on several subantarctic islands).’
    • ‘The subantarctic region is characterized by a permanent cold temperature with an annual mean around + 4°C, strong and permanent wind and very high precipitation.’
    • ‘Pringlea antiscorbutica R. Br, the sole endemic cruciferous species of subantarctic regions, is a useful model of tolerance to low temperature.’
    • ‘Because of prevailing winds and the relative position and sizes of the different islands, it is implausible that the teals colonized mainland New Zealand from Australia via the subantarctic islands.’
    • ‘The Auckland Island Teal (A. aucklandica) and Campbell Island Teal (A. nesiotis) occur only on their respective subantarctic island groups.’
    • ‘Lisa Smith leads natural history tours of New Zealand and recently visited South Georgia and other subantarctic islands, where she had an opportunity to ‘play with the penguins and sea lions.’’
    • ‘Thus, the relationship appears to be close to a trichotomy (i.e. a single event colonizing both subantarctic island groups) and may prove very difficult to resolve with confidence.’
    • ‘With temperatures ranging from subtropical to subantarctic, New Zealand's waters host an impressive range of species, he says.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, rather than grouping the South Island Brown Teal with the North Island Brown Teal or one of the subantarctic teals, the South Island Brown Teal grouped with the Mallard and Grey Duck.’
    • ‘This study presents the first results of maternal care from birth to weaning in an otariid with a protracted weaning period: the subantarctic fur seal, breeding on Amsterdam Island during the 1995-1996 reproductive season.’
    • ‘Patagonian toothfish are found in subantarctic waters on shelves around islands and submarine banks.’
    • ‘Enderby Island Shorthorns had adapted to harsh subantarctic conditions.’
    • ‘This indicates that pup mass changes can be used to calculate maternal attendance pattern and subantarctic fur seal pups lose mass continuously when fasting.’
    • ‘However, in subantarctic marine environments macroalgal rafting has been observed to disperse benthic invertebrates and might play a role in dispersing some sponges along the Antarctic Peninsula.’
    • ‘Irrespective of the pattern of colonization, flightlessness probably evolved separately in the subantarctic teals.’
    • ‘Lactating subantarctic fur seals perform one of the longest attendance cycles described in fur seals, spending on average 11-23 d at sea from summer to winter.’
    • ‘Lactating subantarctic fur seals can promote similar growth rate and body mass at weaning to their pups in different ways, i.e., using different provisioning patterns.’
    • ‘Responsive phylotypes were mostly proteobacteria in the subarctic and California HNLC areas, but no changes were noted in the subantarctic experiments.’
    • ‘In subantarctic fur seals, the duration of the attendance period was positively related to the duration of the foraging trip, as observed in other fur seals.’



/ˌsəbənˈtärktik/ /ˌsəbənˈtɑrktɪk/