Definition of subcarrier in English:



  • A carrier wave modulated by a signal wave and then used with other subcarriers to modulate the main carrier wave.

    ‘Recording/reproducing device which receives an FM multiplexed signal comprising a subcarrier or a darc signal and outputs traffic information after detecting an intermission.’
    • ‘The subcarrier, from the receiver audio output, was recorded on a DAT tape recorder and later converted to a computer sound file.’
    • ‘Additional subcarriers are sometimes found in the region of 57kHz - 96kHz.’
    • ‘The watches use SPOT technology, which is fed data through an FM subcarrier that transmits weather, traffic, and other information over low-power FM frequencies.’
    • ‘Processing methods using adaptive threshold for removal of chroma/luminance cross-talk in quadrature-modulated subcarrier color television systems’



/ˈsəbˌkerēər/ /ˈsəbˌkɛriər/