Definition of subcommittee in English:



  • A committee composed of some members of a larger committee, board, or other body and reporting to it.

    ‘the Senate's international trade subcommittee’
    • ‘She served on board subcommittees for finance and public policy and chaired the Ethics Subcommittee.’
    • ‘However I'm sure that there have been many people involved - various committees and subcommittees as well as staff who have all played a part in getting the club to the position it enjoys today!’
    • ‘Eighty-eight Congressional committees and subcommittees oversee the components of the new department, and the turf wars will be fierce.’
    • ‘There's a dozen subcommittees and committees in Congress getting ready to hold hearings, investigations.’
    • ‘United Kingdom committees usually report directly to the trust board, or are a subcommittee of another hospital committee.’
    • ‘Some FDA-regulated companies have board subcommittees with responsibility for regulatory oversight.’
    • ‘Dr Carson was now head of one of the Party's most important subcommittees - the Finance Committee.’
    • ‘There is, I understand, a provision for delegation to a subcommittee of the management committee.’
    • ‘At this morning's meeting back at the White House, key Democrats promised help selling the plan in a Congress where 88 committees and subcommittees now have at least some say in homeland security.’
    • ‘A number of subcommittees have now reported back and their findings will be relayed to the government next month.’
    • ‘They have established subcommittees of the board relating to issues such as education and training, risk management, and audit.’
    • ‘Committee A has authorized a subcommittee to prepare a report on this matter.’
    • ‘The subcommittee will report its findings to the Board at its October meeting.’
    • ‘It is a chart of the 88 committees and subcommittees that claim some kind of jurisdiction over the homeland defense duties that would be included in this new department.’
    • ‘At least 80 committees and subcommittees are responsible for oversight of our national security.’
    • ‘He's a member of the subcommittee on Intellectual Property and the Internet.’
    • ‘To be adopted, a reform must make it past subcommittees, full committees, and floor votes in two houses (not to mention filibusters, holds, and other obstacles), and the executive must sign it.’
    • ‘In the US, a Congressional subcommittee grilled airline representatives and regulators about the issue last month.’
    • ‘Applications should be reviewed promptly by members of the executive subcommittee and a reply sent to the researcher.’
    • ‘She thanked all the subcommittees for their help, especially the social committee who had provided the refreshments for the awards night and the graduation night.’