Definition of subdivide in English:



[with object]
  • Divide (something that has already been divided or that is a separate unit)

    ‘the heading was subdivided into eight separate sections’
    • ‘The northern and southern parts are subdivided into units separated by tectonic contacts or superimposed late grabens.’
    • ‘To make a small space look bigger, the Chinese divide and subdivide space, and the Japanese borrow distant views.’
    • ‘Each broad period is further subdivided into smaller units.’
    • ‘The Dal Group is generally subdivided into six units, interpreted as having formed in a rift basin.’
    • ‘Confining units are further subdivided by some workers into aquicludes and aquitards.’
    • ‘These maps not only delineate specific soils and their characteristics but also subdivide them into mapping units based on slope and degree of erosion.’
    • ‘Roads not only provide access, but may also serve to subdivide the area into units having similar site characteristics and management problems.’
    • ‘And so the course we're on is a course that will divide and subdivide the church further and further.’
    • ‘The dominant strategy for dealing with this dilemma is to divide and subdivide the past into distinct periods.’
    • ‘Iraq is a republic divided into eighteen provinces, which are subdivided into districts.’
    • ‘Some elements are broken by abrupt transitions in frequency, subdividing the element into smaller units.’
    • ‘These divisions are further subdivided into districts locally administered by head chiefs.’
    • ‘These in turn were subdivided into districts and communes, all run by elected councils and officials.’
    • ‘His province was subdivided into districts and the latter into towns and cantons.’
    • ‘Through the use of computer image analysis it may be possible to quantify accurately and usefully the variation in D. suberectus and subdivide this widely distributed and long ranging species.’
    • ‘Genocchio subdivides the book by a series of alliterative section headings and short preambles but it is generally less than apparent why pieces are included in’
    • ‘There is a small bar to one side, and tables that can seat a total of about 50 are subdivided into small groups by partitions.’
    • ‘I am convinced that the world would be a better place if it was not subdivided into a thousand feuding portions by religious beliefs.’
    • ‘To use this definition in the context of clonal interference, we need to have a priori knowledge about how to best subdivide the sequence space into independent quasispecies.’
    • ‘Today's technologies and computers can provide layers of information to subdivide the whole field into smaller units for site specific management.’
    divide, divide up, subdivide, separate, split, split up, cut up, carve up, slice up, break up, dismember


Late Middle English from Latin subdividere(see sub-, divide).