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  • 1The action of subdividing or being subdivided.

    ‘Genealogies can then be modeled using existing models of geographic subdivision, with mutation (and, in a sense, recombination) taking the place of migration.’
    • ‘In principle it should be possible to generalize the model to allow for the possibility of hierarchical subdivision but we do not attempt this here.’
    • ‘The relative mutational count on the intervisit to intravisit branches is an indicator of demographic subdivision because with increasing subdivision there should be more intervisit branches.’
    • ‘The median price information is essentially useless unless the ongoing trend towards apartment living and section subdivision is taken into account.’
    • ‘However, one interesting feature that emerged from the polymorphic sites was the possible existence of population subdivision.’
    • ‘If possible, further subdivision occurs within each grouping, with additional labels assigned to the smaller sub-piles.’
    • ‘But Congress need not take any action at all today: It granted its consent to Texas's potential subdivision 159 years ago.’
    • ‘Ollenberger says even if council accepts the two area structure plans, the company will still have to get subdivision and development permit approval from the Town of Canmore.’
    • ‘These spaces are built so that those who work in the industrial zones can buzz by car from subdivision to plant to mall and back without ever realizing they live in a city of nearly a million people.’
    • ‘For their part, rural councils often suspect the city wants to get its hands on the tax revenues by rapidly-expanding rural subdivision and settlements.’
    subdivision, division, section, segment
    1. 1.1A secondary or subordinate division.
      ‘Further subdivision of the second category is based on the width of the primary branches, which decreases distally only slightly in C. arboreus, but markedly in C. concentricus.’
      • ‘Within these broad divisions, of course, there are secondary and tertiary subdivisions, the bottom line being the analysis of any given historical decade or century.’
      • ‘The mature sutures display three or four discrete first-order subdivisions on the ventral flank of each prong and second-order subdivisions are common in external sutures of large specimens.’
      • ‘The U.S. gymnastics team earned its highest marks on bars, placing first through two subdivisions, and finished second as a team on beam.’
      • ‘Over the following decades the reggae genre split into numerous subdivisions including dub, roots, rock steady and ragga.’
      • ‘To determine whether this pattern also occurs within divisions and subdivisions, we repeated this analysis within and between these units.’
      • ‘Subject subdivisions provide a means of subject specification or a means by which to limit the scope of the main subject.’
      • ‘Criminal damage is a single offence with a maximum of ten years' imprisonment, with no subdivisions to reflect the type of property damaged or the magnitude of the damage inflicted.’
      • ‘Furthermore, the effect of homoplasy on measures of population subdivisions is not simple.’
      • ‘Finally, we have used the helium dilution technique to measure the subdivisions of lung volume.’
      • ‘There were five divisional deans, one for each of the academic subdivisions: Humanities, Science and Math, Fine Arts Social Science and one for Interdisciplinary majors.’
      • ‘Population subdivision affects the frequency spectrum similarly to balancing selection but should affect all the genes similarly.’
      • ‘Any subdivision of dementia type that is based chiefly on the death certificate is bound to be inaccurate.’
      • ‘These subdivisions of categories basically affect the types of upgrades available for the elements built into your town.’
      • ‘These subdivisions were called sectors and each one had a main fighter air base and a number of other satellite fighter bases attached to it.’
      • ‘Federalism is a trickier concept in the European context because the Member States are not political subdivisions of the Union, but rather sovereign and autonomous entities.’
      • ‘There are at least seventeen political parties - with many subdivisions - fighting each other in Lebanon.’
      • ‘While an entire subdivision of chemistry has been formed around the extraordinary properties of this molecule, it has not yet found any practical uses.’
      • ‘The reincarnated Carnival Institute is a subdivision of the National Carnival Commission.’
      • ‘Posted at Sunam subdivision, he had allegedly demanded Rs 2,000 from Mahinder Singh of Biggerwal village for shifting a transformer.’
      part, subdivision, division, portion, segment, section, sector
    2. 1.2North American, Australian, New Zealand An area of land divided into plots for sale.
      ‘At present you enter the walk near the corner of Kent Street and Edgar Street, but subdivisions for housing are being opened up in this area, so the access point may soon be higher on the hill.’
      • ‘Rotary has purchased land for the subdivision and Rotary Clubs from far and are now providing funds and teams of volunteers to build modest one-room homes to accommodate destitute families.’
      • ‘The delegated authority process does not apply to more complex developments such as large residential flat buildings, subdivisions, rezoning of land, and is designed to cut down on lengthy delays.’
      • ‘Factors contributing to the pollution threat is the lack of control over the subdivision of land and massive new developments in the area.’
      • ‘Halswell School has also had an enrolment scheme put in place by the Ministry of Education to help it cope with the growing number of new subdivisions in the area.’
      • ‘The Christchurch City Council has refused an application to develop a housing subdivision on Montgomery Spur on the Port Hills.’
      • ‘But golf courses, housing subdivisions and other human developments are increasingly pushing them off this habitat, and predation and disease are also taking a toll.’
      • ‘The biologist said developers of housing subdivisions and industrial parks often approach him for amphibian-tunnel advice but then downgrade the designs in order to save money.’
      • ‘Business grew along with the company's reputation and soon evolved exclusively to land clearing for housing subdivisions and commercial and industrial development.’
      • ‘Thus, people used housing subdivisions strictly for residential purposes, shopping centers only for commercial uses, and office parks only for work.’
      • ‘The postwar building boom was under way, the bulldozers were roaring, and Wayburn knew that developers were coveting those areas for subdivisions.’
      part, branch, arm, division, subdivision, area, department, category, field, sphere, layer, stratum, corner
    3. 1.3An area of housing.
      ‘A developer has been cleared to begin work on the Western Bay's biggest residential subdivision, starting within two months.’
      • ‘The Christchurch City Council has refused an application to develop a housing subdivision on Montgomery Spur on the Port Hills.’
      • ‘A new community wastewater treatment system for a small town or subdivision would be an example of an activity requiring a nondegradation significance determination.’
      • ‘Papers relate also to the subdivision of the Cranbrook Estate in 1917.’
      • ‘Many consumers do not read the plan of sub-division carefully or look at the rules which govern the body corporate.’
      • ‘Sector three is the subdivision just south of us, which also includes Rex Mill Terrace.’
      • ‘A new sub-division is passed just prior to the station at McHenry.’
      • ‘Zoning for a housing subdivision on the border of Waterton Lakes National Park was given the go-ahead by the area's rural municipality.’
      • ‘Large middle-class subdivisions are being built away from the city center.’
      • ‘The Hildale City Council sent Wisan a letter saying it would not fight any court effort to get the subdivision approved.’
      • ‘According to this news report, a real estate developer filed suit against a former sex offender for ruining sales at a subdivision.’
      • ‘The report confirms that the 1972 Act, which deals with the subdivision of land into units, is now out of date.’
      • ‘All we know is that there is a subdivision in Harare, Zimbabwe, which is where he went to med school.’
      • ‘One distinction between homesites is subdivision lots versus single parcels of land.’
      • ‘Developer Ron Cook has built several upscale housing developments in Washtenaw County and has two subdivisions in Chelsea.’
      • ‘George turned and smiled politely as he made a sharp right turn out of the subdivision, ramming Isabella into her husband.’
      • ‘Catherine which is now part of Morphett Vale was named after the wife of postmaster Alexander Anderson, who laid out the subdivision.’
      • ‘Have an interest in comprehensive community planning, zoning and subdivision of land, and the protection of the environment.’
      • ‘But a private road in a subdivision, where there may later be subsequent division of ownership.’
      • ‘They do not need to do an independent traffic, environmental study etc. The land sits on 52 acres surronded by 3 subdivisions of around 1400 homes.’
    4. 1.4Biology Any taxonomic subcategory, especially (in botany) one that ranks below division and above class.
      ‘The presence of intermediate morphologies made taxonomic subdivisions of the lineages impossible.’
      • ‘Madsen's view was expanded upon by Blake, who further treated Platasterias as a subgenus of Luidia, assignable to one of four subdivisions of the species-rich genus Luidia sensu Doderlein.’
      • ‘Despite some differences in topology, all obtained phylogenies indicate a clear subdivision of the species that are currently assigned to the genus Tilapia into at least five distinct groups.’
      • ‘Its binding to corresponding subdivisions on polytene chromosomes suggests an involvement in regulation of a subset of orthologous genes in D. melanogaster and D. virilis.’
      • ‘A key trend among the loricarioids is increased premaxillary mobility that is controlled by maxillary motion and in some taxa by novel muscle subdivisions that insert on the premaxilla.’
      section, subsection, subdivision, part, portion, piece, bit, segment, slice, fragment, chunk, component, share



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