Definition of subfloor in English:



  • The foundation for a floor in a building.

    • ‘While you can install laminate flooring over just about any type of subfloor, the subfloor needs to be clean, level, and solid.’
    • ‘Rather than being nailed or glued to a concrete or plywood subfloor, these floors float atop the subfloor.’
    • ‘The tubing for a radiant floor heating system is located either in the concrete, under wood subfloors, or on a subfloor of wood, precast concrete or concrete slab-on-grade, then covered with gypsum.’
    • ‘Never use the foam underlayment with moisture barrier on wood floors or wood subfloors.’
    • ‘Another proposal would entail removing the subfloor to lay in batts of insulation between the subfloor and the ceiling.’
    • ‘Install rigid insulation foamboard against the foundation from the subfloor to the plastic on the floor of the crawl space.’
    • ‘The joists and subfloor are installed in the usual manner, then the subfloor is covered with a layer of plastic sheeting to keep it from absorbing moisture when the wet bedding material is installed.’
    • ‘The 800-square-foot guesthouse's slate floors make up most of its thermal mass, in addition to concrete subfloors and chimneys.’
    • ‘With vinyl flooring, it is vital that the subfloor underneath is free from debris and also has no divots or holes.’
    • ‘With the cost of floor coverings over concrete subfloors now estimated at more than a billion dollars a year in the United States, far greater attention must be given to the issue of moisture within and below concrete slabs on grade.’
    • ‘And because the whole subfloor is mud, and not capable of supporting scaffolding, workers had to lay out steel beams, supported at the pier positions, and erect the scaffolding on the beams.’
    • ‘Working from below, drill several clearance/pilot/countersink holes through the subfloor and into the flooring.’
    • ‘First, install roofing felt over your subfloor, put down a little mud bed, embed chicken wire into the mud, apply more mud, level, let set up, then install your tile.’
    • ‘We took away both the floor - the linoleum - and the subfloor - the concrete.’
    • ‘The floor is covered with a simple black rubber transit flooring, laid directly on top of the plymetal subfloor.’
    • ‘Applying a new plywood or hardboard subfloor directly on top of it may be easier.’
    • ‘Once the inner roof connections are completed, the subfloor is removed and placed in a container next to the line, ready for reuse.’
    • ‘Oak flooring was set on a particleboard subfloor in a remodeling job in 1978 and the water and particle board played host to a very aggressive mold called trichoderma.’
    • ‘They edged too close to an open floor tile and the machine suddenly tipped at a sickening angle, then crashed through the opening to the subfloor below, pinning a workman's leg underneath.’
    • ‘This can be as involved as pulling up the carpet, replacing the padding, cleaning and sealing the subfloor and cleaning and treating both sides of the carpet before reinstalling it.’
    post, rod, pillar, column, support, foundation, piling