Definition of subforum in English:



  • A section of an online forum dedicated to a specific topic, typically one relating to that of the main forum.

    ‘I posted a question in the Road Cycling subforum’
    • ‘I wrote this handy dandy guide that doesn't give any good advice at all and just basically lists each subforum and what they are.’
    • ‘He started up a very useful thread in the games subforum.’
    • ‘I was thinking, since there have been handful of great musicians here contributing great educational videos, why not create a sub-forum specifically for educational materials only?’
    • ‘It would perhaps be nice to have a sub-forum where posters could express their views on matters in a more forthright manner.’
    • ‘Why would someone with no interest in the Olympics take the time to post a message on a sub-forum about the Olympics stating how much they dislike them?’
    • ‘I believe I would get the most help in this sub-forum, however, if the admins feel this fits better in another sub-forum, feel free to move the topic.’
    • ‘There is a dedicated subforum, the Pianists Forum, where you might get more focused replies.’
    • ‘I like the idea of a new sub forum; at least those who wish to reply could do so and others just not look at that sub forum.’
    • ‘We don't think it's ever a big enough show to warrant its own subforum.’
    • ‘We have a digital piano sub-forum where people live and breathe digitals.’
    • ‘There's a racing sub-forum at the top of this one; there will be more race specific answers in there.’