Definition of subgroup in English:



  • 1A subdivision of a group.

    • ‘These groups were further subdivided into subgroups according to the body mass of the respective species.’
    • ‘These groups were subdivided into two subgroups of eight animals each: one male and one female.’
    • ‘A second subgroup, the episodically homeless, account for approximately 10 percent.’
    • ‘He said that schools have set up withdrawal systems for students to go away and do units, and have organised little subgroups in classes to do special credits.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, much more is known about the types and subgroups of youngsters that commit the bulk of violent and other crimes.’
    • ‘A second study compared dyslexic subgroups defined by their degree of phonological impairment.’
    • ‘As subgroups of autism spectrum disorders are characterized, a stronger connection may emerge.’
    • ‘The government has divided the general population into three classes and 51 subgroups.’
    • ‘The idea of some sort of broader Asian American identity is probably alien not just to most Indians, but I suspect other Asian subgroups as well.’
    • ‘There are several ethnic subgroups in Nabire that have their own distinctive characteristics, including their art and culture.’
    • ‘This group has continued to evolve and even to split into subgroups.’
    • ‘A subgroup of the staphylococcus aureus organisms, it is referred to as a superbug because it is resistant to treatment with commonly used antibiotics.’
    • ‘The government's top three ministries are controlled by men who belong to a tiny subgroup of an ethnic minority.’
    • ‘It is not unusual to see busts or heads serving as lugs for lids of large funerary vessels, especially among the Kwahu subgroup.’
    • ‘Another Minister has responsibility for the community grants, a subgroup of this from the department.’
    • ‘Some of these tribes might have been a subgroup of the other ones.’
    • ‘In five studies, respondents were categorized according to clinical status, and subgroups were compared.’
    • ‘Cluster analysis is a useful technique for sorting families into distinct, naturally occurring subgroups.’
    • ‘Although we observed no significant interaction between subgroups, the power to analyse each subgroup was limited.’
    • ‘Females within the D. melanogaster subgroup were sorted in the field and placed individually into vials.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics A group whose members are all members of another group, both being subject to the same operations.
      • ‘Although Euler's work is, of course, not stated in group theoretic terms he does provide an example of the decomposition of an abelian group into cosets of a subgroup.’
      • ‘The procedure, today much used in computer implementations, enumerates the cosets of a subgroup of finite index in a finitely presented group.’
      • ‘After further papers on subgroups of infinite abelian groups and normal numbers he wrote a series of eight papers on Arithmetic on curves of genus 1.’
      • ‘Not all numbers have such convenient patterns behind them, but within every number there are always subgroups of digits that have mathematical meaning.’
      • ‘The object of the course was to study the modular group and some of its subgroups, with help of algebraic rather than analytic or topological methods.’