Definition of subkingdom in English:



  • A taxonomic category that ranks below kingdom and above phylum or division.

    • ‘They are placed in their own subkingdom because they are so unlike any other animals.’
    • ‘These organisms were previously classified as a primitive subkingdom of the plant kingdom, the thallophytes: plants that lack true roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.’
    • ‘It is impossible to divide the first two subkingdoms according this principle and we can consider that there is only one type in each of them.’
    • ‘After their discovery, the kingdom of Protista was then latter subdivided into subkingdoms.’
    • ‘Amoeboflagellates and mitochondrial cristae in eukaryote evolution: megasystematics of the new protozoan subkingdoms Eozoa and Neozoa.’