Definition of sublation in English:




See sublate

  • ‘Bloechl's criticism focuses upon the Hegelian sublation he finds in Gibbs' effort to reconcile the dialectical opposition between philosophy and Judaism.’
  • ‘Bourdieu's analysis is the sublation of Flaubert's novel: what it keeps is the book's true hidden nature, and all that it sloughs off is chaff.’
  • ‘What is strikingly interesting and appropriate is that Marx's surpassing of Hegel on this matter is a simultaneous retention and is, therefore, a true sublation.’
  • ‘For Fuller, Kuhn's sublation of the classical conservative argument has had deep and worrying consequences for our political view of science.’
  • ‘Fine argues that this idea is a sublation of previous divisions and so carries with it the violence which has attended them.’