Definition of sublethal in English:



  • Having an effect less than lethal.

    • ‘The impacts of, an attracticide approach can include both lethal and sublethal effects such as the interference with mate location by males.’
    • ‘Anything breathing the air or drinking the water is also exposed to a soup of chemicals, like dioxins, PCBs, and heavy metals, that can also have important sublethal effects.’
    • ‘From 1979 to 1985, he conducted his own extensive collaborative research program on the sublethal effects of oil on seabirds.’
    • ‘The response at longer wavelengths was also different in that it displayed a threshold, temperature coefficient of 2 and caused retarded growth and other sublethal effects.’
    • ‘If only a few shells in a population display sublethal damage, then either the attack rate is high and most attacks are lethal, or both the lethal and sublethal attack rates are extremely low.’
    • ‘These studies, some of which have been presented above, document the sublethal effects of contaminants on the cellular signaling mechanisms of animals.’
    • ‘By confining small fish to living in suboptimal foraging habitat, predation may have important sublethal effects on populations.’
    • ‘In the past, these parameters have been chosen with limited insight into the lethal and sublethal injury that may occur on a cellular level.’
    • ‘Other work in this field has focused on cellular and enzymatic biomarkers as indicators of sublethal effects.’
    • ‘Toxic effects may be either lethal, causing death, or sublethal.’
    • ‘The sublethal water deficit as determined by the dehydration - resaturation experiments indicates that irreversible damage of the leaves occurs for all species, if roughly half of the saturation water content is lost.’
    • ‘Initially, we wanted to use the maximum sublethal dose, which would have been approximately 8 g/g weight for a normal hemoglobin mouse of the same mixed background as the sickle mouse.’
    • ‘These observations left unresolved the role of chronic sublethal stress or biological factors, e.g., competition and predation, in setting distribution limits in the rocky intertidal zone.’
    • ‘Not only is the ability to induce Hsps reduced in senescent animals, but a brief, sublethal heat shock to young animals has been reported to extend life span.’
    • ‘Insects generally will recover from a sublethal dose.’
    • ‘What is the nature of the damage inflicted by mechanical stress and how can this damage, including sublethal damage to cells, be detected?’
    • ‘Bovie and Hughes found that a sublethal dose of UV rays at 280 nm inhibited cell division of Paramecia.’
    • ‘There was no sublethal damage to the one-day-old plants, which were all killed when attacked.’
    • ‘In many systems, sublethal oxidative stress was found to be involved either directly or indirectly in PCD processes.’
    • ‘In this part of the shell there is a reduction in septal spacing and there are no sublethal injuries.’