Definition of sublittoral in English:



  • 1Living, growing, or accumulating near to or just below the shore.

    ‘sublittoral algae’
    1. 1.1Relating to or denoting a biogeographic zone extending (in the sea) from the average line of low tide to the edge of the continental shelf or (in a large lake) beyond the littoral zone but still well lit.
      ‘sheltered sublittoral regions’
      ‘mobile species will migrate to sublittoral waters offshore’
      • ‘The sublittoral zone extends from the low-tide line out to 200 meters.’
      • ‘The marine red alga Chondrus crispus is an abundant species along the coasts of the North Atlantic and inhabits the intertidal and upper sublittoral zones of rocky shorelines.’
      • ‘In 1997, biomass of both littoral and sublittoral invertebrates in the impoundment was comparable to that of New Brunswick lakes of similar trophic status.’
      • ‘Miocene littoral and sublittoral deposits on the western side of the Atlantic showed the continuation of the transgression had begun in earlier times.’
      • ‘Available data, though, make it unlikely that a ‘climatic crisis’ scenario would apply with equal force to species that are restricted to the sublittoral zone or to lower latitudes.’


  • The sublittoral zone.

    • ‘Bathyal is defined as pertaining to the ocean bottom between the sublittoral and abyssal zones - from depths of approximately 200 to 400 m.’
    • ‘The paleoenvironments are interpreted as inner sublittoral and coastal lagoons environments with riverine and estuarine influence.’
    • ‘The wildlife of the sublittoral sediment areas is less diverse than that of the rocky sublittorals but the areas have a high biomass and are important fishing areas, particularly for bottom-feeding fish.’