Definition of submariner in English:



See submarine

  • ‘The submariners of World War One were true pioneers of submarine warfare, especially on this scale.’
  • ‘Yes, there was muddle and delay, and many in Russia, not least families of those lost, will be asking questions about how the news came out, and whether international help at an earlier stage could have saved any of the submariners.’
  • ‘The lock-out system is a reversible air-lock that enables submariners to leave the vessel, harvest pearls from the sea-bed, then return to the submarine.’
  • ‘Although it was not certain whether any submariners had survived, it took five days before other countries - in this case, Britain and Norway - were asked to provide help.’
  • ‘It was just two months ago that Russian submariners joined half a dozen other nations in the largest submarine escape and rescue exercise ever.’