Definition of submediant in English:



  • The sixth note of the diatonic scale of any key.

    • ‘First inversion of the submediant triad occurs primarily as a tonic chord with resolved or unresolved appoggiatura.’
    • ‘It does not resolve to the deceptive motion at the submediant sonority until the final eighth note in the alto voice, and then only very briefly in a highly syncopated rhythmic environment.’
    • ‘Examining the implications of submediant superimpositions as two keys helps illuminate structures in these pieces that are hidden when viewed through a single tonality.’
    • ‘Chromatic and borrowed harmonies in progressions are introduced, such as chords of the Neapolitan sixth, augmented sixth, and altered dominants, mediants and submediants.’
    • ‘The Mass in C has a tonal plan based on mediant and submediant.’