Definition of subminiature in English:



  • 1Of greatly reduced size.

    • ‘A 3.5-metre-long ivory is another treasure blessing the palace, on which is carved a subminiature sutra of 82,000 characters and pictures of 500 arhats.’
    • ‘Subminiature speaker designs are based on balanced armature technology, utilized in a variety of high performance audio and communication products.’
    • ‘But nearly all medical manufacturing companies involved in subminiature assembly, quality control, or failure analysis already routinely use optical light microscopes.’
    • ‘Several proprietary processes developed at the center already have benefited customers faced with challenges in micromachining subminiature components, according to the company.’
    • ‘A demagnetised, insulated shaft, posidrive subminiature screwdriver with his name engraved on it’
    1. 1.1(of a camera) very small and using 16-mm film.
      ‘For my birthday, my father gave me a stunning 1959 Minox B subminiature camera and I can't wait to start taking pictures as soon as the crazy 8x11mm film arrives.’
      ‘This subminiature angular velocity sensor is ideally designed for use in systems that correct camera vibrations.’