Definition of submontane in English:



  • 1Passing under or through mountains.

    1. 1.1Situated in the foothills or lower slopes of a mountain range.
      • ‘Thus, a typical sequence on tropical mountains is from lowland tropical forest, through submontane, montane, and subalpine vegetation zones to the alpine zones of grasses and shrubs.’
      • ‘Sheep breeding is the main object of livestock farming, and Macedonians hold dear their exquisite sheep's milk yoghurt, ovcho kiselo mleko, especially that made by shepherds in alpine submontane dairies.’
      • ‘The pollination biology of Aechmea pectinata was studied in a submontane rainforest in south-eastern Brazil.’
      • ‘In the Australian physiognomic classification system, the CFF is considered a complex notophyll vine forest type that is more generally defined as a submontane tropical rain forest.’