Definition of submultiple in English:


Pronunciation /səbˈməltəpəl/


  • A number that can be divided exactly into a specified number.

    ‘Subclock and overclock synchronization are supported for converting at submultiples and multiples of the sample rate.’
    • ‘The findings of the Heraion prove that this sexagesimal submultiple was once used also in Greece proper.’
    • ‘Each pulse shock excited the secondary circuit at a submultiple of its resonant frequency.’
    • ‘The most significant submultiple is assigned the sign of the operand, while each of the less significant submultiples is assigned a positive sign.’
    • ‘The most frequent error in the symbols of multiples and submultiples is writing the ‘k’ for kilo with a capital letter.’


  • Denoting a number that can be divided exactly into a specified number.

    ‘Clock delay from input to output is 50 nanoseconds maximum and is negative-edge-aligned when synchronized at a multiple or submultiple rate.’
    • ‘Two independent synthesizers are provided which are phase locked when programmed for submultiple rates.’
    • ‘First and second clock signals are derived at the two submultiple frequencies and phase coincidence between the two clock signals is detected.’
    • ‘Metric prefixes are often used for decimal submultiple units of time interval, such as milliseconds, microseconds and nanoseconds, but larger quantities are usually measured in non-decimal units such as minutes, hours, days, etc., instead of kiloseconds and megaseconds.’