Definition of subprogram in English:



another term for subroutine
‘if you want this button to do something, you write a subprogram to handle it’
  • ‘From the above PCS computation, important PC scores are screened (PCA is a subroutine subprogram of PCS).’
  • ‘Since software uses the stack quite actively, particularly when calling subprograms, the introduction of the dedicated stack manager reduces the load on the CPU's execution units.’
  • ‘An expression could invoke recursive functions or entire subprograms, for example.’
  • ‘After the model was selected, the AREG subprogram computed the equations.’
  • ‘Or a program text might be ruined by alteration of a critical subprogram that makes the program as a whole useless.’



/ˈsəbˌprōɡrəm/ /ˈsəbˌproʊɡrəm/ /ˈsəbˌprōɡram/ /ˈsəbˌproʊɡræm/