Definition of subservience in English:


(also subserviency)


mass noun
  • 1Willingness to obey others unquestioningly.

    ‘he demonstrated his complete subservience to his masters’
    ‘blind subservience to authority’
    • ‘Clawing for tenure in a savage competition, the upwardly mobile learn subservience to superiors.’
    • ‘They refuse to live in subservience to governmental elites.’
    • ‘The decommissioning demand is about showing subservience to unionism.’
    • ‘He had promised subservience to Alexander.’
    • ‘He is obsessed with religion, with strict adherence to ceremony and unquestioning subservience to the teachings of the church.’
    1. 1.1The condition of being less important than something else.
      ‘is it a case of the subservience of the divine to political beliefs?’
      • ‘He's constantly demanding female subservience in a mad attempt at securing his masculinity.’
      • ‘We have much to learn from our medieval forebears, but we cannot turn to them for an ideal or example of scholarly humility or subservience.’
      • ‘His aesthetic theories, which naturally dominate his writing, run counter to this idea of the subservience of art to nature.’
      • ‘From all accounts, in his case, humility does not mean subservience.’
      • ‘The subserviency of means to an end implies the presence of intelligence.’