Definition of subset in English:



  • 1A part of a larger group of related things.

    ‘computer vendors usually only support a small subset of the disks available’
    • ‘A common response of roots to anoxia is the synthesis of a subset of anaerobic proteins related to the glycolytic and fermentation pathways.’
    • ‘Also, random selection of CDs would only work on a subset of contiguous disks.’
    • ‘Liberal, conservative, New Right - they're all exercises in descriptive creativity with distinct subsets within them.’
    • ‘These people do not come from one of his swing-voter subsets.’
    • ‘People create their own subsets, or as a marketer will explain, ladders.’
    • ‘This means that the subsets of data selected as indicative of the future are those that confirm a prejudice of the selecter.’
    • ‘A populous generation sees its subsets defining their own demographics by what they are not as much as by what they are.’
    • ‘Genres like film music, rap, folk, rock are subsets of it.’
    • ‘In recent times the Territory has been divided up into these succinct subsets to assist in effective administration.’
    • ‘These have contacts lists consisting of different subsets of my actual list of contacts.’
    • ‘The foreshore and seabed being owned by a subset of New Zealanders instead of all New Zealanders is what the billboard is about.’
    • ‘You could even perhaps create a script to define a subset of people whom you ‘trust’ to pull in links referencing your post.’
    • ‘For developing countries, currency crises are an important subset of financial crises.’
    • ‘There were far fewer votes cast in the referendum than in the arts regular councillor race even though arts regular is a subset of arts.’
    • ‘The council is a subset of Students' Council, made up of councillors who represent co-op students.’
    • ‘Mutations are only a subset of what existed previously, so, as one would expect, the world is losing creature kinds not gaining them.’
    • ‘They mentioned the photo-stream limit, but did not mention that everything else is a subset of the photo-stream.’
    • ‘Within the trial, researchers looked at a subset of 138 patients with diabetes.’
    • ‘There's a certain subset of opera fans who dismiss Rossini comic operas with a haughty wave.’
    • ‘It's an echo chamber for the common wisdom of the subset of people who use the site more than anything else.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics A set of which all the elements are contained in another set.
      • ‘This places different demands on the problem solver in connecting it to the two given subsets, the superset, and the set solicited in the final sentence for finding an answer.’
      • ‘The problems in this study were part-part-whole problems in which subsets combine to form supersets.’
      • ‘Then homogenize: randomly permute rows and columns within the subsets that have equal totals.’
      • ‘One crucial tabulation involves determining the number of subsets of the 12 possible Bingos of a particular size that cover a particular number of squares.’
      • ‘His idea was that every real number r divides the rational numbers into two subsets, namely those greater than r and those less than r.’