Definition of subsidiarily in English:



See subsidiary

‘We are subsidiarily aware of the marginal elements, with a bearing on that which is focally known.’
  • ‘Buyer also stated that its set-off claim is based not only on alleged breach of contract by Seller but subsidiarily also on alleged breach of the rules of fair competition.’
  • ‘All these requisites present, the employer becomes ipso facto subsidiarily liable upon the employee's conviction and upon proof of the latter's insolvency.’
  • ‘While you were pounding the nail in the wall you remained subsidiarily aware of your surroundings while maintaining focal awareness on your task.’
  • ‘Furthermore, the owner of the land where the unloading has taken place or the holder of the affected public lands is also subsidiarily responsible.’



/səbˌsidēˈerəlē/ /səbˌsɪdiˈɛrəli/