Definition of subsistence farming in English:

subsistence farming


mass noun
  • The practice of growing crops and raising livestock sufficient only for one's own use, without any surplus for trade.

    ‘the stark choice facing most families is subsistence farming or hunger’
    • ‘Agricultural production systems vary from small-plot subsistence farming to very intensive, high-tech enterprises.’
    • ‘Before the agrarian and industrial revolutions, most people were involved in subsistence farming.’
    • ‘In a culture where subsistence farming is prevalent, there would be an obvious advantage in convincing offspring to remain in close vicinity of the family land to provide free labor.’
    • ‘Up to 70% of the country's population depend on subsistence farming.’
    • ‘The stark choice facing most families is subsistence farming or hunger.’
    • ‘Rural island families are buffered from experiencing absolute poverty by a continuing reliance on subsistence farming or fishing, and maintenance of social and kin networks of support.’
    • ‘The lowest-income families make a living predominantly from subsistence farming and fishing.’
    • ‘Most people support themselves through subsistence farming, growing rice, yams, cassava, bananas, and palm oil nuts.’
    • ‘People who live in villages engage in subsistence farming on allotments, guided by traditional agricultural practices.’
    • ‘For hundreds of millions of people, farming means subsistence farming on tiny plots of land, whether owned or rented.’